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About PivotAfrica

PivotAfrica was born out of a need to inspire hope in Africa’s posterity. Africa took so long to realize that the real impetus for change cannot be supplied by its leaders; neither can it come through handouts so often supplied by the so-called developed nations of the world. What Africa needs for its ultimate emancipation lies within Africa. And the most likely entities who will harness the potentials that abound within the continent are the youth.

PivotAfrica exists as a merchant of change taking wise steps to drive the essential process of transformation within the continent one person at a time.
When time finally and inevitably catches up with leaders who have subverted the will of the people and changed political systems into governmental monarchies, the present generation must be ready and able to stand up and drive a process of genuine change such that Africa too will be able to deservingly lift its shoulders high in the committee of nations.
Someone has to do the job of inspiring hope, building capacity and training young Africans. At PivotAfrica, we are glad to take on that responsibility as we give every young African the opportunity to rewrite her story.


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