Raising a generation of progress minded Africans.

The secret of excellent performance is optimal preparation. To go into the future unprepared hoping to excel is a disillusion. The purpose of PIVOT Africa is to help young Africans prepare for the future by focusing on the core values of Purpose, Inspiration, Values, Orientation and Transformation. By so doing, the young African is guaranteed excellence.
Consider These...
In 2010, 20.4% of Africa's population was between 15 and 24 years.
Further projections show that by 2020, 3 out of 4 Africans will be on average, 20 years old.
It is also estimated that 10 out of the top 20 most populous nations will be in Africa-Ethiopia, DR Congo, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, etc.
What these tell us
  • It is obvious at this point that Africa's population is growing younger
  • In the near future, the most influential people will be young minds
  • The Africa of tomorrow rests in the hands of the young
  • Critical changes will therefore be brought about by positive young intellectuals
Where PivotAfrica comes in
We have decided to create a platform that would facilitate an efficient process of transformation in Africa. Through annual conferences and Pivot Africa clubs in secondary schools across the continent, we intend to sustain this process of transformation...
Where YOU come in
We have decided to involve passionate world changers who will help launch an African renaissance. These people might seem ordinary but they will effect change with their words and influence. We call these passionate world changers PivotAfrica mentors...


I was more impressed when I got to meet the people behind this incredible idea...their courage and zeal give me hope of the possibility of a better future

Adejugba Adebola

I had my secondary school in a rural part of Lagos. So I know what it means not to have a proper foundation. I'm really proud of what PivotAfrica is about and I know it would go a long way in helping these students shape a great future for themselves.

Rafiu Oseni


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